LDC was estabished in 2004. There are two programs we can offer.

In the segment of the Advertising tehniques we are able to do a whole support marketing campaigns, because there is no space or place where we can ´t highlight your subject exposure. This attention to the large range of folding and fixed presentation system for shop and fairs, brochure stands the system for marking products on shelves, etc. In addition, we also offer digital printing large format to the latest HP printers, so that the delivery of our products in the segment of Advertising tehnique comes pre-painted by the system ''turnkey'' . Please note that we are offering also painting   of vehicles and boats, displays, printing flags and banners, making wobbler, etc. If you already own an advertising stand (Penguin, Roll Up, Pop Up, Easy, X-Banner, L-Banner, etc.), we will be glad to print the new visual or replace the old one with the eventual visual service. As support for seminars and conferences, we offer printing of promotional bags, printed T-shirts in several different tehniques, pens, flyers and textile or polycarbonate table flags, etc. Our department of Advertising tehniques makes articles according to the wishes and ideas of our clients.

Therefore, if you need to promote your offer, and you do not know the way to do it, please contact us for help, even though it turned out to be a useful advice on our part.

Program Materials and supplies for the protection and repair of library materials connects us with German company Neschen and the Finnish company PELLOPLAST whose representatives we are. In addition to listening to the needs of the market we have developed our own software products that facilitate the work of librarians as well as various metal and plastic holders for books, brochures and magazine racks, shelves for markets, etc.